Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outrigger Connection Hawaii Holiday Sale!

The Holidays are upon us and Outrigger Connection Hawaii is having a sale on all OC1's and OC2's! For a limited time, each OC1 or OC2 will be $200.00 off our retail price! Come browse our selection of Ospreys, Zephyrs, Fusions, Fuzes, and Stingray2s (All in Stock) at our Kailua store or give us a call at 808-261-8424.
Mahalo and see you on the water!
Outrigger Connection Hawaii
171-C Hamakua Dr.
Kailua, HI 96734
Phn:  (808) 261-8424
Fax:  (808) 261-8424

Friday, September 17, 2010

VOSA- Ultralite Carbon M2

 Eight years ago, Outrigger Connection constructed eight concept Mirages of composite hybrid constuction that weighed in at a record breaking 200lbs! That was eight years ago...
(Pacific Paddeler Add 2002)

Fast forward to present.  2010, Outrigger Connection is now introducing "VOSA." An "M2 Mirage."  Extremely hybrid layup of natural composite tech weighing in at 20% lighter shattering our previous record!  On 9/16/2010 Tested in Kailua, Hawaii , Verdict was: all smiles, effortless wave catching, and unmatched acceleration!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Supporting the women in Nanakuli

The Outrigger Men in Nanakuli to lend a helping hand to the Outrigger Women paddlers after a long, hot, and almost flat E Lau Hoe Race. Sportsmanship, an integral component of outrigger canoe paddling not only in Hawaii, but throughout the world of paddling.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We use a similar process that converged the FUSION the FUZE, but now with the ZEPHYR and the latest model of OC designs, called OSPREY. The radical narrow foot wells presented us with a challenge. The problem of seaming the hull and the deck was accomplished. The first ever deep seat well can accommodate the stationary seat but also can be outfitted with a sliding seat. The water in the seat well is drained out through a central drain connected to the venture, redesigning the draining system in the foot wells. A new graphite custom flap was designed with a different angle to allow for even more water flow and improve suction. New smaller ama is shaped to accommodate the lower volume of the hull .
Outrigger Connection also ventured into paddleboard production. Although we didn't design the hull shapes of our paddleboards, we were first to introduce to the paddle boarding community to molded graphite vacuum bagged paddleboards. Whether it was the Joe Barks shaped MALOLO unlimited paddleboard or Steven Ing's shaped 12 foot stock ELEU paddleboard. Recently, we collaborated on the development and production of the C4 VORTICE paddleboard.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Outrigger Connection Mission

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We think differently. Everything we construct, the design, the performance, the comfort, the function and the innovation embodies that. Our products are eternally & aesthetically designed, to enable use in recreational sport and/or the highest professional sport. We make state of the art ocean & fresh water canoes.
In 1991, Outrigger Connection was established. Ever since then we have introduced not far from every innovative feature you see on all outrigger canoes on the market today! Since then many OC designs became legendary and were industry leaders in new concepts and winners in the races. Outrigger Connection designs were always on the cutting edge with advanced technology.